Primal Steakhouse

July 1

August 12th

Las Vegas, NV

​​D a v i d   K.  B u t l e r


I love good music, especially up and coming artists. This album is a MUST HAVE! I bought this album right before a road trip I had from East TN to Gulf Shores and needless to say, It was the ULTIMATE Road trip CD. Each song had a story and was perfect for the open road. I am on the road alot for baseball and It's still in my CD changer now. Hope those who read this enjoy as much as I do.

Lisa Craft,

Knoxville, Tennessee

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LIVE Loops

Aurora Bar

​July 29th


Las Vegas, NV

"If you haven't had a chance to enjoy this man's passion, you've been missing out. He's really good! Yeah......My man David is so smooth, the butter don't even touch the bread. 

James Delozier,

PT's GOLD Post Road Las Vegas

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We had David play at our Grand Opening and holy shit! The bar regularly has live music and in our first few weeks of operating out of that location and it was so great to get some fresh life and tunes. The regulars were extatic, he was taking requests, has great crowd involvement and put funny unique twists on songs that catered to us and our event. We will definitely be using him again in the future, in addition to letting everyone we know about him. Thank you for making our Grand Opening so special.
✌🏻💚 Montis Smokehouse BBQ

Kelcie Adler,

💚 Montis Smokehouse BBQ

New Album

Hard Rock Cafe
July 2,4,22,23,29,30

Las Vegas, NV


July 9,10,16,24

The Strip

Las Vegas, NV



DKB Live Shows

Scenic Brewing Company

July 8

Las Vegas, NV


​July 23rd

Las Vegas, NV

90Ninety Bar​​

July 2nd 22nd

Suncoast Casino

Las Vegas, NV

I first met David when he played at my friends wedding, which was hosted at my house. She was so excited that he was going to sing at her wedding. Once I heard him, I understood why! He’s amazing!! Since then, I’ve gone to see him play at venues because I love his sound!!! If you have the opportunity to hire David for an event or at least go see him wherever he’s playing, I’d really recommend doing so!


Eddie Rodriguez,

Movoto Realty Las Vegas

“We made Dave part of our Platinum wedding package! He always seems to play just the right music for our banquets and weddings.  Beautiful acoustic for those special occasions."


Tina Randall,

Bear's Best Las Vegas Event Coordinator

Public School 702

July 3,17,31


Las Vegas, NV

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